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minor clarifications to getting started instructions

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   - gcc
+  - make
   - Some libraries (these are Debian package names, adapt as needed):
     * ``python-dev``

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    adapt as needed):
    * ``gcc``
+   * ``make``
    * ``python-dev``
    * ``python-ctypes`` if you are still using Python2.4
    * ``libffi-dev``
    * ``libexpat1-dev`` (for the optional ``pyexpat`` module)
    * ``libssl-dev`` (for the optional ``_ssl`` module)
    * ``libgc-dev`` (Boehm: only when translating with `--opt=0, 1` or `size`)
+   * ``python-sphinx`` (for the optional documentation build)
 2. Translation is somewhat time-consuming (30 min to
    over one hour) and RAM-hungry.  If you have less than 1.5 GB of
    possibly replacing ``--opt=jit`` with another `optimization level`_
    of your choice like ``--opt=2`` if you do not want the included JIT
-   compiler.  (As of March 2010, the default level is ``--opt=2``, and
-   ``--opt=jit`` requires an Intel **32-bit** environment.)
+   compiler.  As of March 2011, Intel **32-bit** environment needs ``4GB``.
 .. _`optimization level`: config/opt.html

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 .. _`downloading them from the download page`: download.html
-If you choose to use mercurial, you must issue the following command on your
+If you choose to use mercurial,
+first make sure you have ``subversion`` installed.
+You must issue the following command on your
 command line, DOS box, or terminal::
     hg clone http://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy pypy