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Making a PyPy Release


As a meta rule setting up issues in the tracker for items here may help not forgetting things. A set of todo files may also work.

Check and prioritize all issues for the release, postpone some if necessary, create new issues also as necessary. A meeting (or meetings) should be organized to decide what things are priorities, should go in and work for the release.

An important thing is to get the documentation into an up-to-date state!

Release Steps

  • at code freeze make a release branch under IMPORTANT: bump the pypy version number in module/sys/ and in module/cpyext/include/patchlevel.h, notice that the branch will capture the revision number of this change for the release; some of the next updates may be done before or after branching; make sure things are ported back to the trunk and to the branch as necessary

  • update pypy/doc/contributor.txt (and possibly LICENSE)

  • update README

  • go to pypy/tool/release and run: /release/<release branch>

  • wait for builds to complete, make sure there are no failures

  • run pypy/tool/release/, this will build necessary binaries and upload them to

    Following binaries should be built, however, we need more buildbots:

    JIT: windows, linux, os/x no JIT: windows, linux, os/x sandbox: linux, os/x stackless: windows, linux, os/x

  • write release announcement pypy/doc/release-x.y(.z).txt the release announcement should contain a direct link to the download page

  • update (under extradoc/, rebuild and commit

  • update

    code0> + chmod -R yourname:users /www/ local> cd ..../pypy/doc && py.test local> cd ..../pypy local> rsync -az doc

  • post announcement on

  • send announcements to pypy-dev, python-list, python-announce, python-dev ...

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