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External tools&programs needed by PyPy

These tools are used in various ways by PyPy tests; if they are not found, some tests might be skipped, so they need to be installed on every buildbot slave to be sure we actually run all tests:

  • Mono (versions and 1.9.1 known to work)
  • Java/JVM (preferably sun-jdk; version 1.6.0 known to work)
  • Jasmin >= 2.2 (copy it from wyvern, /usr/local/bin/jasmin and /usr/local/share/jasmin.jar)
  • gcc
  • make
  • Some libraries (these are Debian package names, adapt as needed):
    • python-dev
    • python-ctypes
    • libffi-dev
    • libz-dev (for the optional zlib module)
    • libbz2-dev (for the optional bz2 module)
    • libncurses-dev (for the optional _minimal_curses module)
    • libgc-dev (only when translating with --opt=0, 1 or size)