Mini instructions:

% buildout2.7

% export LIGHT9_SHOW=path/to/light9/show/dance2011

Edit $LIGHT9_SHOW/config.n3 to set :musicRoot and the values under sh:netHome 

% bin/dmxserver --dummy
(leave that shell)

% bin/ascoltami2
(leave that shell)

Browse to http://localhost:8040/ to see the music player.

% bin/curvecalc --reload http://light9.bigasterisk.com/show/dance2011/song16
(gui opens)

See bin/listsongs for a way to make zsh autocomplete on the last
argument to bin/curvecalc


curvecalc upgrades:

dnd a submaster from KC to CC to make a new subterm and curve with an
envelope fading in at the current time

add vidref on mousemove. separate process? yes, vidref polls CC when
music is paused

sub autocomplete

fix fader UIs

be able to select grid lines to delete them. maybe grid is on a
special curve row

hotter reloading of subs and values. from KC, drag a new sub into CC

drag looks into CC
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