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 django-storages change log
+1.1.5 (2012-07-18)
+* Merged pull request `#36`_ from freakboy3742 Keith-Magee, improvements to Apache Libcloud backend and docs
+* Merged pull request `#35`_ from atodorov, allows more granular S3 access settings
+* Add support for SSL in Rackspace Cloudfiles backend
+* Fixed the listdir() method in s3boto backend, fixes `#57`_
+* Added base url tests for safe_join in s3boto backend
+* Merged pull request `#20`_ from alanjds, fixed SuspiciousOperation warning if AWS_LOCATION ends with '/'
+* Added FILE_BUFFER_SIZE setting to s3boto backend
+* Merged pull request `#30`_ from pendletongp, resolves `#108`_, `#109`_ and `#110`_
+* Updated the modified_time() method so that it doesn't require dateutil. fixes `#111`_
+* Merged pull request `#16`_ from chamal, adds Apache Libcloud backend
+* When preloading the S3 metadata make sure we reset the files key during saving to prevent stale metadata
+* Merged pull request `#24`_ from tobias.mcnulty, fixes bug where s3boto backend returns modified_time in wrong time zone
+* Fixed HashPathStorage.location to no longer use settings.MEDIA_ROOT
+* Remove download_url from setup file so PyPI dist is used
+.. _#36:
+.. _#35:
+.. _#57:
+.. _#20:
+.. _#30:
+.. _#108:
+.. _#109:
+.. _#110:
+.. _#111:
+.. _#16:
+.. _#24:
 1.1.4 (2012-01-06)


-__version__ = '1.1.4'
+__version__ = '1.1.5'
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