The EveryAware platform

The EveryAware platform is a system for collecting, visualizing, exploring, analyzing objective as well as subjective data in the areas of citizen science, participatory sensing, crowdsensing, the internet of things (IoT), and more. In contrast to other platforms we particularly aim at supporting subjective data such as perceptions, impressions, or feelings, in addition to the objective sensor data supplied by various sensing devices.

EveryAware is open source and can be used freely. We are currently maintaining a major installation at:

Components, API, Setup

For more information on the components, the API, and the setup of the EveryAware platform, see


The EveryAware system was jointly developed by the

It was an integral part of the EU project "EveryAware", which was aimed at "enhancing environmental awareness through social information technologies".

The EveryAware system has been implemented as part of the Ubicon framework which is a platform for ubiquitous and social networking which provided several additional applications. However, the EveryAware component has become a large and mostly independent piece of software which is why this fork. That is, we focus on an highly optimized, modern, and robust design for supporting large scale sensor data in the context of subjective information.

Who do I talk to?

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The EveryAware system in currently developed by