Invalid repos or invalid default branches cause Jigit to stop indexing prematurely

Issue #73 resolved
Former user created an issue


We stumbled onto two bugs: * A missing repo (e.g. due to a move) causes the JigitIndexer to stop before indexing all configured repos. * A missing default branch (e.g. due to misconfiguration) causes the JigitIndexer to stop before processing all futures (hence also stops before indexing all configured repos). See stacktraces in attached bug1.txt en bug2.txt respectively (note, I've anonymized the traces).

Jira: v7.9.1#79001-sha1:60970b Gitlab: 11.5.6-ee

Attached is also a bugfix that worked for us.

Best regards, Robert

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner


    Thank you for your efforts, could you create a pull request? I'd merge it with a pleasure.

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