Make REST API to adding new project in Jigit plugin

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It is required to develop a REST API for adding new projects to the Jigit plugin. Please consider the possibility of such an exercise. We have 1500 GitLab projects and 70 Jira instances

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  1. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Actually, the add-on already has got REST API which allows to manipulate its configuration. I’ve created an issue for documenting its endpoints.

    Here is only one, which allows to add a new repository:

    Endpoint URL: http://{URL:PORT}/{PATH}/rest/jigit/1.0/repo/add

    Method: POST


    1. repo_name - a name of a repo
    2. url - address of a git server
    3. service_type - type of a server. One of the values: GitLab, GitLab8 or GitHub
    4. token - auth token
    5. repo_type - type of repo, one of the values: SingleRepository or GroupOfRepositories
    6. repository_id - repo identifier, usually consists of {username}/{reponame}
    7. def_branch - default branch of the repo
    8. index_all_branches - evidential, one of the values: true or false

    For example, I’ve configured repo in my local JIRA via this:

    curl -u admin:admin -d "repo_name=java-gitlab-api&" -X POST http://localhost:2990/jira/rest/jigit/1.0/repo/add
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