Jigit tab and all tab is showing duplicates for each commit.

Issue #94 resolved
Fabian Girrbach created an issue


After upgrading to the most recent version 1.2.16 the tabs show duplicates, where one entry seems to be correct because it shows the information and resolves the links correctly. The other message is a duplicate of this one but without hyperlinks.

In terms of the order, it shows first the wrong message (without hyperlinks) and then the correct one. The messages are directly below each other.

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  1. Fabian Girrbach reporter

    I think, I identified the issue.

    Since there were problems with the previous version, I tried re-adding the connection to the group and I also renamed it at the same time. Now we see duplicate comments from the old connection (without hyperlinks) and the new one (with hyperlinks). Is there a way to clear all the information about the plugin. Since the configuration seems to be remembered even after deleting and re-installing the plugin.

    Is there some workflow which could help us clean up the information?

  2. Fabian Girrbach reporter

    Ok, I could fix it by adding a connection to an empty repository with the old name. Then the duplicates disappeared.

  3. Dmitrii Apanasevich repo owner

    Hi Fabian,

    That’s right. Those duplicates were consequence of deleting repositories. Your workaround is absolutely correct! Thank you for sharing it.

    There is already an issue related to your problem.

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