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                       help="Print out status as game goes.")
     parser.add_option("--timeout_ms", dest="timeout_ms",
+                      type="int",
                       help="Amount of time to give each bot, in milliseconds")
             result = "NO RESULT"
             print "map is", map_file
-            sys.stdout.flush()
+            # sys.stdout.flush()
             map_data = open(map_file).readlines()
             pw = PlanetWars.PlanetWars(map_data)
                 output_file = None
-            result = run_game(pw, b1, b2, 1000, output_file=output_file,
+            result = run_game(pw, b1, b2, opts.timeout_ms, output_file=output_file,
             print result
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