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 - M-s o run occur with last inc search text
 - M-x multi-occur
 - M-x keep-lines
+** From [[]] 
+ - learn to move by matching braces, etc.
+ - pay attention to repeat actions.
+ - use registers
+ - use abbrevs
+ - open batches of files at once.
+ - (look at iswitchb) 
+ - use the modes, and learn how they handle the structure of the text.
+ - this is a test

File Mercurial.muse

 hg addremove --similarity 100 # auto detect moved files!
+* Local
+* Help
+hg help
+man hgrc
+man hgignore
+** The life of a patch
+*** The simplest possible life story of an MQ patch goes something like:
+    * Make some changes in your working directory.
+    * Use hg qnew -f bug-155443 to turn those changes into a patch. This is kinda like committing, only the commit isn't permanent.
+    * Continue editing. Use hg qrefresh periodically to put those new changes into the patch, and hg qcommit -m "backup" to make a permanent record of your work.
+    * Use hg qdiff to review your changes so far.
+    * When the patch is complete and reviewed, use hg qrefresh -e to give it a commit message, optionally use hg qrefresh -u "Shawn Wilsher <>" to change the patch's From user, then hg qfinish bug-155443 to turn the patch into a permanent changeset.
+    * Finally, hg push your patch to a public repository.
 hg resolve -l
 hg diff --git
 rss works from hg ser!
 hg up null - remove working copy