icestreamer - music streaming, hacker style


packages needed

  • gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly for jPlayer, playing files directly in a browser
  • sox and libsox-fmt-all for song titles

first build

  • hg clone ssh://
  • cd icestreamer
  • mvn package
  • ./ or java -Xmx100M -jar target/icestreamer-*-SNAPSHOT.jar --name localhost
  • browse to http://localhost:6680

add some songs

  • find '/srv/music/' '/mnt/pendrive/music/' -iname '*.mp3' -or -iname '*.ogg' | ./
  • browse to http://localhost:6680 and refresh the page

cache songs

  • find '/srv/music/' '/mnt/pendrive/music/' -iname '*.mp3' -or -iname '*.ogg' > cache.db
  • load cache: cat cache.db | ./

stream files to mpd

  • on the same machine: find "`pwd`" -iname '*.mp3' -or -iname '*.ogg'|sort|./|while read l;do mpc add "$l";done;mpc play
  • on a different machine (httpie required) ( is current machine, is MPD server):
export MPD_HOST=
mpc clear
find "`pwd`" -iname '*.mp3' -or -iname '*.ogg'|sort|http POST ''|while read l;do mpc add "$l";done
mpc play