Marisa Strong avatar Marisa Strong committed 669e763

fix bug #126 problem with exporting plans related to CGI issues. using HTMLEntities gem instead

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 gem 'wkhtmltopdf-binary'
 gem 'wicked_pdf' #gem install wicked_pdf
 gem 'uuidtools'
+gem 'htmlentities'
 # Development Mode Gems
       multipart-post (~> 1.1.0)
       rack (>= 1.1.0, < 2)
     gravatar_image_tag (1.0.0.pre2)
+    htmlentities (4.3.1)
     i18n (0.5.0)
     json (1.7.5)
     linecache19 (0.5.12)
   annotate (= 2.4.0)
   factory_girl_rails (= 1.0)
   gravatar_image_tag (= 1.0.0.pre2)
+  htmlentities
   mysql2 (< 0.3)
   omniauth (~> 0.2.6)


 Mime::Type.register 'application/rtf', :rtf 
+require 'htmlentities'
 class PlansController < ApplicationController
   respond_to :html, :text
     #@plan = Plan.find(params[:id]) #obsolete by require_plan above
     filename =
+    @coder =
     respond_with(@plan) do |format|
       format.html { render :layout => 'minimal'}
       format.text {


 <%=strip_tags("#{qa.number}. #{qa.question_brief}")%>
-<% require 'cgi'%>
-<%= CGI.unescapeHTML(plainText)%>
+<%= @coder.decode(plainText)%>
 <% end %>
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