Possible memory leaks

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Perry Willett
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In the load test, the average wait time increased over the course of the test, even toward the end as users were logging out. We would expect to see a reduction in response time with fewer users. One possible explanation is a memory leak in the application. We should use a monitor within Rails to see if we can see any problems.

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  1. Howard Ding

    First I'd check to see what can be learned by looking in the operating system while high load is happening.

    That said, this may be of interest:


    Also I think that some people simply use monitoring software to kill any Unicorn worker process that gets too big (whatever that is decided to mean). As I understand it the master process would then notice that it had died and fork off a new worker to replace it.

    Actually getting some information on the sizes of workers vs. the master while the system is loaded might help diagnose if they are growing unreasonably.

  2. Howard Ding

    A bit of googling indicates that such GC tuning can be had with a patched version of 1.9.2 or with the upcoming 1.9.3, but I didn't see anything about it in vanilla 1.9.2.

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