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DMPTool2 Project

With generous funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the DMPTool team is developing the next generation of the DMPTool. Download the project proposal as a PDF here.

Advisory Boards

We have formed two Advisory Boards to help guide the project team in this effort:

Functional Requirements

The current draft of the functional requirements are available for download as a PDF. A one-page overview of the major functions can be downloaded here. We welcome comments! Send them to

Project Timeline

Last update: 4 Feb 2014

TaskPlanned DeadlineStatus
Project Initiation
Press release announcing grant01/09/13Complete
Announcing and formalizing roles on project01/11/13Complete
Project Planning
Recruitment of advisory group(s)03/22/13Complete
Recruiting application developers04/01/13Complete
Recruiting outreach/communication coordinator04/1/13Complete
Recruiting UI design manager03/15/13Complete
Face-to-face meeting02/21/13Complete
Finalizing of project performance metrics03/08/13Complete
Establishment of project outreach/communication plan03/15/13Complete
Advisory Boards
Administrative User Advisory Board Meeting 105/15/13Complete
Researcher Advisory Board Meeting 105/02/13Complete
Administrative User Advisory Board Meeting 205/30/13Complete
Researcher Advisory Board Meeting 205/30/13Complete
Administrative User Advisory Board Meeting 308/16/13Complete
Researcher Advisory Board Meeting 308/23/13Complete
Administrative User Advisory Board Meeting 4TBD
Researcher Advisory Board Meeting 4TBD
Project Completion
Usability testingApril 2014In progress
Acceptance testingApril 2014In progress
Application development complete05/05/2014
Soft release to administrators05/19/2014
Full release of DMPTool205/29/2014


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