This repository is for L2TopZone vote reward system and is adapted to L2J frozen server pack. With this pack you can reward voters with skill or item (personally) and reward all players with item when required number of votes are reached. Global reward system can be disabled.

How to set up?

  • Clone this repository to your ide.
  • Copy and paste all packets and files except,, and to your L2J frozen pack.
  • From files mentioned above copy code blocks that starts with "vote system start" and ends with "vote system end" to your server original files.
  • Go to L2TopZone website and copy API token of your server to file TopZoneToken variable.
  • If you will chose to reward players with skills every time when player logs in game or change sub and lost a reward skill, skill can be added by using giveRewardSkill method of VoteHandler class.

Extra files

  • jackson-all-1.9.0.jar add this file to your gameserver lib folder and add to your project library
  • add this file to your gameserver config folder
  • topzone_voters.sql add this file to your gameserver database

How to use

Player in chat types .votetopzone and if he voted on L2TopZone website he will get reward