redmine-mylyn-connector / release-note.txt

Full commit
Version 2.7.3
  chg   : Fixtures adapted for Redmine 1.2
  add   : Support for accept_api_auth (new in Redmine 1.2)
  fix   : Workaround for custom fields with type 'Date'

Version 2.7.2
  bugfix: Missing support for manipulation of issue watchers
  add   : Testpage for HTTP-Basic-Auth

Version 2.7.1
  bugfix: execution of queries with grouped columns

Version 2.7.0
  Version for Redmine 1.0 and higher

Version 2.6.4
  bugfix: shared versions
  bugfix: ignored Settings.issue_done_ratio
  bugfix: use instead of version.completed

Version 2.6.3
  bugfix: Missing CustomField-Attribute forAll

Version 2.6.2
  bugfix: IssueCustomFields without assigned Tracker(s)
  bugfix: Changes for Redmine 0.9

Version 2.6.1
  bugfix: Compatibility with Redmine 0.8.7

Version 2.6
  Startdate + Duedate
  TimeTracking / Spenttime

Version 2.5.3
  Bugfix: IssueRelations 'delay' is now optional

Version 2.5.2
  Bugfix: Detailed Status-Header for server errors

Version 2.5.1
  Bugfix: Project related filter (version, category)

Version 2.5.0
  Support of Redmine 0.8 and upcoming 0.9