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Changed docstring for TerrastoreBucket.create_bucket. Documented dependency on terrastore 0.8.1

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File docs/source/index.rst

 The python client API allows terrastore to be accessed using two classes viz. :class:`pyterrastore.terrastore.TerrastoreServer` and :class:`pyterrastore.terrastore.TerrastoreBucket`.
+The current version has been tested with Terrastore 0.8.1

File src/pyterrastore/

         print self.urls
     def create_bucket(self,bucket_name):
-        "Creates a new bucket with the given bucket_name"
+        """Creates a new bucket object with the given bucket_name.
+        No corresponding bucket on the server is created"""
         # Apparently no longer required - existed for earlier version. Since removed
 #        _invoke_http(self.urls,'PUT','/%s' % bucket_name, 
 #                           success_predicate = expect_code(204))

File versions.txt

 16 Mar 2010 : 0.1.0 - Initial version with a minimal functionality
+27 Feb 2010 : 0.1.1 - Upgraded to work with terrastore 0.8.1 (Buckets no longer created explicitly on server)