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Introduced simple logging

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File src/pyterrastore/terrastore.py

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 import httplib
 import socket
 import json
+import logging as log
 class TerrastoreException(Exception):
     "An exception class to encapsulate HTTP Errors"
     for url in (urls,) if isinstance(urls,basestring) else urls :
         conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(url)
         try :
+            log.debug("Invoking %s %s type %s with headers %s" % (method,path,content,headers))
             response = conn.getresponse()
             # check if the http response code is as expected

File test/pyterrastore/tests.py

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 from pyterrastore.terrastore import TerrastoreServer, TerrastoreBucket
 from unittest import TestCase
 import json
+import logging as log
 class TestPyTerrastore(TestCase):
     def setUp(self):
-        tsurl = 'http://localhost:9511'
+        tsurl = 'http://localhost:8088'
         self.tss = TerrastoreServer(tsurl)
 #        self.sample_json = '{\n}'
         self.sample_json = '''