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angri  committed 972a114

base/pycore: first try builtin modules and only then call find_modules() in get_module()

patch by Ali Gholami Rudi, taken from http://groups.google.com/group/rope-dev/browse_thread/thread/57de5731f202537a/b4363a3808577338

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     def get_module(self, name, folder=None):
         """Returns a `PyObject` if the module was found."""
+        # check if this is a builtin module
+        pymod = self._builtin_module(name)
+        if pymod is not None:
+             return pymod
         module = self.find_module(name, folder)
         if module is None:
-            module = self._builtin_module(name)
-            if module is None:
-                raise ModuleNotFoundError('Module %s not found' % name)
-            return module
+            raise ModuleNotFoundError('Module %s not found' % name)
         return self.resource_to_pyobject(module)
     def _builtin_submodules(self, modname):