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Added docs for batchset dialog command

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 applies the first completion without asking.
+Dialog batchset command
+When you use rope dialogs there is a command called ``batchset``.  It
+can be used to set many configs at the same time.  After selecting
+this command from dialog base prompt, you are asked to enter a string.
+Batch-set strings can give value to configs in two ways.  The single
+line form is like this::
+  name1 value1
+  name2 value2
+That is the name of config is followed its value.  For multi-line
+values you can use::
+  name1
+   line1
+   line2
+  name2
+   line3
+Each line of the definition should start with a space or a tab.  Note
+that blank lines before the name of config definitions are ignored.
+``batchset`` command is useful when performing refactorings with long
+configs, like restructurings::
+  pattern ${?pycore}.create_module(${?project}.root, ${?name})
+  goal generate.create_module(${?project}, ${?name})
+  imports
+   from rope.contrib import generate
+  checks
+   ?pycore.type == rope.base.pycore.PyCore
+   ?project.type == rope.base.project.Project
+Now this string can be used for ``batchset`` string in restructuring
 Uses almost the same keybinding as ropeide.