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interface: added ropemacs-autoimport-underlineds variable

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         progress = lisputils.create_progress('Opening "%s" project' % root)
         self.project = rope.base.project.Project(root)
         if lisp['ropemacs-enable-autoimport'].value():
-            self.autoimport = autoimport.AutoImport(self.project)
+            underlined = lisp['ropemacs-autoimport-underlineds']
+            self.autoimport = autoimport.AutoImport(self.project,
+                                                    underlined=underlined)
 The `rope-generate-autoimport-cache' reads this list and fills its
+(defcustom ropemacs-autoimport-underlineds 'nil
+  "If set, autoimport will cache names starting with underline, too.")
 (defcustom ropemacs-completing-read-function (if (and (boundp 'ido-mode)
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