1. Nicolae Dascalu
  2. whoosh


whoosh / stress / test_update.py

from __future__ import with_statement
import random

from nose.tools import assert_equal  #@UnresolvedImport

from whoosh import fields, query
from whoosh.compat import xrange, text_type
from whoosh.support.testing import TempIndex

def test_many_updates():
    schema = fields.Schema(key=fields.ID(unique=True, stored=True))
    with TempIndex(schema, "manyupdates") as ix:
        for _ in xrange(10000):
            num = random.randint(0, 5000)
            w = ix.writer()
        with ix.searcher() as s:
            result = [d["key"] for d in s.search(query.Every())]
            assert_equal(len(result), len(set(result)))