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 You then need to install gett-cli (this will provide the *gett* command):
-- on Windows, use this [MSI Installer](https://bitbucket.org/mickael9/gett-cli/downloads/gett-cli-0.1.win32.msi)
-- on other systems, download the [source tarball](https://bitbucket.org/mickael9/gett-cli/downloads/gett-cli-0.1.tar.gz)
+- on Windows, use this [MSI Installer](https://bitbucket.org/mickael9/gett-cli/downloads/gett-cli-0.2.win32.msi)
+- on other systems, you can simply use *pip* if you have it :  
+  `# pip install gett-cli`  
+  alternatively, you can download the [source tarball](https://bitbucket.org/mickael9/gett-cli/get/v0.2.tar.bz2)
   and run  
-  `$ python3 setup.py install` (you might need to substitute *python3* to *python*
+  `# python3 setup.py install` (you might need to substitute *python3* to *python*
    if python3 is the default interpreter)
 That's it!
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-      version='0.1',
+      version='0.2',
       description='A command-line Ge.tt uploader and manager',
       author='Mickaël THOMAS',
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