Django Google App Engine Skeletor

dj-gae-skeletor is a skeleton Django project handy for bootstrapping new empty projects hosted with Google App Engine


Comes with:

  • django-nonrel - Non-relational backend support for Django via the new multi-db SQL compiler layer.
  • djangoappengine - Django backends for App Engine support.
  • djangotoolbox - Small set of useful Django tools that are nonrel-compatible.
  • django-autoload - Ensures loading of indexes or signal handlers before any request is being processed.
  • django-dbindexer - Adds support for SQL features like JOINs to non-relational Django backends

Quick setup

Download Google App Engine SDK, unpack and add to PATH env variable.

# create symbolic link to webob in project dir (in this case project dir is dj-gae-skeletor)
ln -s <path_to_google_app_engine_sdk>/lib/<latest_webob>/webob webob

# run
python syncdb

# run
python runserver

# remote allows you to execute a command on the production database
# examples are: remote shell remote createsuperuser
  • Any app or module should be added to project dir
  • You can access datastore with: /_ah/admin/


If you haven't created application yet, go to and create one.

Use created app name in app.yaml under application property.

# run
python deploy

You will have to login with google account.

In case of server errors go to, choose app and then Logs link in sidebar.