Jason R. Coombs committed fc379e6

Check that Sphinx is installed before proceeding

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 def do_release():
 	assert all(map(os.path.exists, files_with_versions)), (
 		"Expected file(s) missing")
+	assert has_sphinx(), "You must have Sphinx installed to release"
 	res = raw_input('Have you read through the SCM changelog and '
 		'confirmed the changelog is current for releasing {VERSION}? '
+def has_sphinx():
+	try:
+		devnull = open(os.path.devnull, 'wb')
+		subprocess.Popen(['sphinx-build', '--version'], stdout=devnull,
+			stderr=subprocess.STDOUT).wait()
+	except Exception:
+		return False
+	return True
 def build_docs():
 	if not os.path.isdir('docs'):