Hacked Splitters

Hacked Splitters mods Factorio, adding a new class of splitters—the "hacked splitter". These splitters perfectly balance transport belt inputs, but can no longer effectively manage multi-item belts (though you are willing to try).

Hacked splitters are not special entities; they are true splitters. They can be placed over vanilla splitters and vice versa. You can see them in action here and here.

Hacked Splitters is released under this LICENSE.


1.1.0 0xCC0A

Released 2017-04-30

  • Upgraded the version to 0.15;
  • Published overclock mode; see the unreleased 0xCC09 release; and
  • Disabled the three white hatch-marks on the splitter until the procedure for supporting both lo- and hi-res versions is worked out.

Known issues

  • The hacked fast splitter only compresses at 98%, but fully compresses with overclock enabled;
  • No distinguishing graphics between normal and hacked splitters;
  • Bob's Logistics hasn't been released and as such wasn't tested.

1.0.9 0xCC09


  • Added an overclock toggle per splitter, settable with SHIFT-O when selecting the splitter. This disables the splitter's backoff logic allowing it to draw equally from the inputs. The downside is that it requires more processing time. Use wisely.

1.0.8 0xCC08

Released 2016-09-23

  • Performance improvements;
  • Repair older upgrade-planner save files;
  • Fixed migration from 1.0.5 (reported by Doublespin); and
  • Handle multiple robot_pre_mined events for same item (issue #8).

1.0.6 0xCC06

Released 2016-09-10

  • Fixed case where three of four outbound lines were blocked (issue #5).

1.0.5 0xCC05

Released 2016-08-26

  • Factorio 0.14 update.

1.0.4 0xCC04

Released 2016-08-22

  • An offending mod was wiping out the global util module. Instead of relying on the global namespace, require "util" when needed (issue #2).

1.0.3 0xCC03

Released 2016-08-21

  • Support for Bob's Logistics mod.
  • Removed splitter images and refactored the entities to use animation layers for the hatch marks.
  • Recalculate update frequency when dependent mods (e.g., base) are updated in the event they change their belts' speeds.

1.0.2 0xCC02

Released 2016-08-18

  • Patch for case where the entity becomes invalid (issue #1).

1.0.1 0xCC01

Released 2016-08-15

  • Removed session_tick as it was not needed and might cause a multiplayer desync.
  • Fixed express belt compression in main processing loop (reported by goofy183).

1.0.0 PWNED

Released: 2016-08-13

This release marks the debut of Hacked Splitters. It includes a small but functional set of features:

  • Three new entities—hacked splitter, hacked fast splitter, and hacked express splitter, which build upon the splitter, fast splitter, and express splitter, respectively;

  • Extremely minor graphics tweaks for the splitter icons and entities. They are denoted by three white hatch marks on the splitter bezels; and

  • English localization.


1.1 FPLv2

This release was planned to be much larger (see Hackathon below for more info). I'm investigating the feasibility of creating a splitter circuit base-station by tinkering with combinators to see if they can read state from entities not directly attached, or by having entities broadcast to them.

2.0 Hackathon

Status: Indefinitely postponed

The original goal of this release is to add circuit logic to the splitter. The plan was that this would be done as part of FPLv2. Oh, how ignorant was I.

I had thought that by adding circuit connection attributes to the entities paired with a little Lua code, an item would inherit circuit properties. Seemed reasonable. Sufficed to say that as of 0.13, this did not work. Below is a small catalog of things I wanted to do.

  • Backpressure signal (output). Output green when all output lines are available, yellow for some pressure, and red when all lines have backpressure;

  • Throughput signal (output);

  • Item mask for split control (input). A constant combinator outputting an item-type and masked value would control the lines items were split to. For example, copper plate with a value of 3 would balance to the same output belt (lines 5 and 6);

  • Update graphics to include circuit leads; and

  • Recipe adjustment for +1 iron plate (circuit connections).