My Continues Integration Setup

This repository contains the files used to set up my jenkins server and the projects like

Run Server

If you want to set up your own instance(s) you only need to: 1. install docker and docker-compose. 2. clone this repository 3. run docker-compose up 4. Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser 5. Configure jenkins as you like

For details on using docker and docker-compose please read the docker documentation.

Add Jenkins Jobs

I use the Job DSL Plugin to configure all the jobs. To use the same configuration simply 1. Install the all the plugins Job DSL, Mercurial plugin, Cobertura Plugin, Folders Plugin, Extra Columns Plugin, scripttrigger and Violations plugin (Feel free to install more plugins. But these are the plugins needed to create the jobs specified in the .groovy files) 3. Create a new "seed" job 4. Add this repository in the Source Code Management configuration 5. Add a "Process Job DSLs" build step 6. Set the .groovy file you want to use as DSL Script

See the Job DSL Plugin documentation for details on how to use it.