Dominik Ruf avatar Dominik Ruf committed f8ee425

I don't think the portlet should be installed automatically

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-def addLoginPortlet(portal, out):
-    leftColumn = getUtility(IPortletManager, name=u'plone.leftcolumn', context=portal)
-    left = getMultiAdapter((portal, leftColumn,), IPortletAssignmentMapping, context=portal)
-    if u'rpx-login' not in left:
-        print >>out, "Adding RPX login portlet to the left column"
-        left[u'rpx-login'] = LoginAssignment()
 def importVarious(context):
     # Only run step if a flag file is present (e.g. not an extension profile)
     if context.readDataFile('rpx-pas.txt') is None:
         createRPXPlugin(site, out)
         activatePlugin(site, out, "rpx")
-    addLoginPortlet(site, out)
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