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A build configuration tool

 Copyright (C) 2002-2013 by Jason Perkins
 Distributed under the terms of the BSD License, see LICENSE.txt

 The Lua language and runtime library is (C) TeCGraf, PUC-Rio.
 See their website at

 See the file BUILD.txt for instructions on building Premake.

 For questions, comments, or more information, visit the project
 website at

Recent activity

Alexey Orlov

Alexey Orlov pushed 34 commits to domu/premake-dev-domu

91abdac - Merge more file configuration functionality into new fileconfig class
2d7768f - Split file configuration building off to new class
4a2c2b5 - Excluded files are no longer considered in duplicate object file renumbering
07a8ffb - Consolidate file configuration building in up-front baking step
e2ceeee - Split handling of include directories and force includes; wrap all include paths in quotes
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