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+  author = 	 {Andreas Gruenbacher},
+  title = 	 {How To Survive With Many Patches (Introduction to Quilt)},
+  year = 	 {2005},
+  month = 	 {June},
+  note =         {\url{http://www.suse.de/~agruen/quilt.pdf}},
+  author = 	 {Andreas Gruenbacher, Martin Quinson, Jean Delvare},
+  title = 	 {Patchwork Quilt},
+  note = 	 {\url{http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/quilt}},

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 \newcommand{\hgcmd}[1]{``\texttt{hg #1}''}
 \newcommand{\hgcmdargs}[2]{``\texttt{hg #1 #2}''}

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-sources := 00book.tex mq.tex
+sources := \
+	00book.tex \
+	99book.bib \
+	99defs.tex \
+	mq.tex
 latex-options = \
 	-interaction batchmode \
 pdf/hgbook.pdf: $(sources)
 	mkdir -p $(dir $@)
 	pdflatex $(call latex-options,$@) $< || (rm -f $@; exit 1)
+	cp 99book.bib $(dir $@)
+	cd $(dir $@) && bibtex $(basename $(notdir $@))
 	pdflatex $(call latex-options,$@) $< || (rm -f $@; exit 1)
 	pdflatex $(call latex-options,$@) $< || (rm -f $@; exit 1)

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 In early 2003, Andreas Gruenbacher and Martin Quinson borrowed the
-approach of Andrew's scripts and published a tool called
-\href{http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/quilt}{``patchwork quilt''},
-or simply ``quilt''.  Because quilt substantially automated patch
-management, it rapidly gained a large following among open source
-software developers.
+approach of Andrew's scripts and published a tool called ``patchwork
+quilt''~\cite{web:quilt}, or simply ``quilt''
+(see~\cite{gruenbacher:2005} for a paper describing it).  Because
+quilt substantially automated patch management, it rapidly gained a
+large following among open source software developers.
 Quilt manages a \emph{stack of patches} on top of a directory tree.
 To begin, you tell quilt to manage a directory tree; it stores away
 Because quilt does not care about revision control tools, it is still
 a tremendously useful piece of software to know about for situations
 where you cannot use Mercurial and MQ.
+\section{Getting started with Mercurial Queues}
+Because MQ is implemented as an extension, you have to explicitly
+enable it in order to use it.  (You don't need to download anything;
+MQ ships with the standard Mercurial distribution.)  To enable it,
+edit your \filename{~/.hgrc} file, and add the following lines:
+hgext.mq =
 %%% Local Variables: 
 %%% mode: latex