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 "we were running a graphical merge tool and quit because we were confused or "
 "realised we had made a mistake."
 msgstr ""
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><sect2><para>
 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:350
 "<quote>fixing up</quote> the affected files ourselves, and committing the "
 "results of our merge:"
 msgstr ""
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><sect2><note><title>
 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:357
 "strongly consider upgrading to a newer version before trying to tackle "
 "complicated merges."
 msgstr ""
+"Mercurial 1.1版于2008年发布,从这个版本开始引入了<command>hg resolve</command>"
+"命令。如果你还在使用更老的版本(可以运行<command>hg version</command>命令查"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><title>
 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:371
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