Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed 419d35d

Fixed mutex locking problem in clnt_raw.c. One should grab the
clntraw_lock before accessing at clntraw_private, not after.

Signed-off-by: Steve Dickson <>;

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 	rpcprog_t prog;
 	rpcvers_t vers;
-	struct clntraw_private *clp = clntraw_private;
+	struct clntraw_private *clp;
 	struct rpc_msg call_msg;
 	XDR *xdrs = &clp->xdr_stream;
 	CLIENT	*client = &clp->client_object;
+	clp = clntraw_private;
 	if (clp == NULL) {
 		clp = (struct clntraw_private *)calloc(1, sizeof (*clp));
 		if (clp == NULL) {
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