This repo holds the canonical version of Eurfa, a GPLed Welsh dictionary that is the basis of the Eurfa online dictionary and Autoglosser2, a Welsh glosser/tagger. An auxiliary file, inflected_verbs.sql, holds inflected verb-forms for around 4,000 Welsh verbs, but many of these are unlikely to be encountered in modern Welsh. A further auxiliary file, multiword.sql holds entries for phrases or multiword expressions.

The eurfa.sql file can be imported directly into PostgreSQL:

createdb -U username eurfa
psql -U username -d eurfa < eurfa.sql

If you are not running PostgreSQL, you can use the .csv file instead - this will open in a spreadsheet like LibreOffice Calc.

For more information of Eurfa's structure, see Chapter 5 of the Autoglosser2 manual.