geomena / sinatra / views / index.erb

  <div id="apsearch">
   <div>Search by network name: <span class="example">homenetwork</span></div>
   <div>or by MAC address: <span class="example">00:01:0a:22:3f:a1</span></div>
   <form action="/search">
    <input id="mac" type="text" name="q">
    <input type="submit" value="Search">
    <% if session[:searchmsg] %>
      <span id="searchmsg"> <%= session[:searchmsg] %> </span>
      <% session[:searchmsg] = nil %>
    <% end %>

  <p id="ocount">
   There are <%= ocount %> observations in the database. <br/>
   Mostly recently "<a href="/ap/<%=aplast["mac"]%>"><%=aplast["essid"]%></a>" was observed  at 
      var localtime = new Date();
      <% time = Time.parse(aplast["created_at"]) %>
      var hours = ""+localtime.getHours();
      if (hours > 12) { hours = hours - 12; ampm = "pm"} else {ampm = "am"}
      var minutes = ""+localtime.getMinutes();
      if (minutes.length == 1) { minutes = "0"+minutes }
                       localtime.getDate()+" "+
                       hours + ":" + minutes + ampm );

  <div id="browsersetupbox">
   To configure firefox, go to about:config and edit <i>geo.wifi.url</i> to be 

  <div id="browsersetupbox">
   To configure opera, go to opera:config and edit <i>Location Provider URL</i> to be 

  <p class="clear">
    See geolocation in action by <a href="/locate">looking up your location</a>.

   Sourcecode is available at <a href=""></a>.
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