FXForm has been ported to JavaFX 2.0, check FXForm2 page


FXForm is a library providing automatic form generation for JavaFX objects:

var object = EditedClass {}

def form = DefaultFormGenerator {
    edited: object

where EditedClass is defined like this:

class EditedClass {
    public var name: String;
    public var age: Number;
    public var favoriteMovie: String;
    public var elem: TestEnum;
    public var birthday: DateTime;
    public var hungry: Boolean;

The resulting form will look like this:



  • CSS support for label styling
  • Tooltips
  • Custom renderers support
  • Fields reordering and filtering
  • Localization


See Usage


See Downloads


This library takes inspiration from the Tapestry's BeanEditForm component and from the majick-properties project.


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