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Issue #17 resolved

Compatibility: Try bob.sh and then bob.rb if bob (binary) fails

Nick Sabalausky
created an issue

The pre-built "bob" tool that comes with Tango to build Tango has two (very familiar) problems on older systems:

  • Fails with Invalid instruction (Tango Issue #2061) on systems without SSE2 (such as all 32-bit AMD Athlons)

  • It's built on a newer OS and therefore requires a newer glibc/OS (yea, just what we've already been through before with DVM itself)

But, Tango also has two alternate versions of bob: build/script/bob.sh (which requires bash :/ ) and build/script/bob.rb (which requires ruby :/ ). Obviously they all have their potential compatibility downsides, so I'm thinking that if the binary "bob" fails, then maybe DVM should then try "bob.sh", and then "bob.rb" as a last resort.

Comments (6)

  1. Nick Sabalausky reporter

    It works for me on CentOS 4.x.

    I asked about it on IRC the other day, and according to mwarning they should all work. The full conversation:

    [22:17] <Abscissa> Is there a difference between bob (binary), bob.sh and bob.sh?
    [22:18] <Abscissa> Erm, that last one I meant bob.rb
    [22:18] <Abscissa> Like, are some of them out-of date? Or differnce in functionality, or one relias on another?
    [22:18] <mwarning> Abscissa, they do the same (maybe slightly different features)
    [22:19] <mwarning> they are all kind of up to date
    [22:19] <Abscissa> lol "kind of"
    [22:20] <mwarning> I don#t know if the shell and ruby script let you choose the gc
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