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Issue #9 resolved

Select config file

Anonymous created an issue

In addition to selecting between compiler versions, it would be nice to have an option for selecting between different versions of dmd.conf. A user may, for example, wish to have a dmd.conf which points to the development versions of Phobos/druntime.


Lars T. Kyllingstad

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  1. Jacob Carlborg repo owner

    Could you please elaborate. Do you mean that the user should be able to choose a custom dmd.conf file or choose between a couple of existing dmd.conf files?

  2. Anonymous

    I admit I don't have a clear idea how it should work, it's just something I've found myself wishing for many times. I have three versions of Phobos on my system: The version released with the compiler, the current development version, and the version I'm working on myself. It would be nice to have a way to easily switch between the three.

    I used to do it via environment variables, but I can't do that with DVM, because DVM installs dmd.conf together with dmd, and the configuration file takes precedence over environment variables.

    Thinking some more about it, however, maybe it would be better to ask Walter to change that precedence. I find it quite unintuitive.


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