Darie Petrov  committed e5bf437

fixed broken known behaviour related to the use of fields

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File piston/

             # relationships
             if thing in self.stack:
+                import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace
                 return ret
                 # use the list_fields from the base handler and accept that
                 # the nested models won't appear properly
                 # Refs #157
-                if handler:
-                    fields = getattr(handler, 'fields')
+                # TODO: reconcile; removed to fix "broken know behavior"
+                #if handler:
+                #    fields = getattr(handler, 'fields')
-                if not fields or hasattr(handler, 'fields'):
+                if not fields:# or hasattr(handler, 'fields'):
                     Fields was not specified, try to find teh correct
                     version in the typemapper we were sent.