Ansible and AWS Talk Code

This repository was created to support a talk given at the Brisbane DevOps group, on February 27th, 2014, about using Ansible with AWS. You can see the talk slides here:

In this repository, there is some sample Ansible code to deploy:

  • A VPC and associated security groups
  • Two t1.micro instances
  • An elastic load balancer
  • A db.t1.micro postgresql database (multi-AZ).

Note that due to current limitations in Ansible, the elastic load balancer cannot be created within the VPC. Therefore, adding the VPC instances to the ELB will fail. In other words, feel free to read and reuse, but running this as-is will result in errors.


In order to run this (in addition to Ansible), you will need to have boto ( installed, and either set the relevant IAM environment variables or write a $HOME/.boto configuration file.

Actually Running The Playbook

Firstly, note that running this will cost you money (even if you're eligible for the free tier). Secondly, it will end in an error. That said, you can run it via:

ansible-playbook -i server_inventory site.yml