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cloudlets v.0.0.5

Author: Solomon Hykes <> License : see LICENSE file. Url:


Cloudlets are universal server images for the cloud.

They're lightweight, version-controlled, and you can export them to any bootable format known to man: Xen, KVM, Amazon EC2, or just a plain bootable CD.


  1. One of our dependencies (python-spidermonkey) requires the following system packages to be installed:

    On Ubuntu/debian: # apt-get install pkg-config build-essential python-dev libspr4-dev

  2. Run the install script

    # python install


# cloudlets find sample.cloudlet

List the contents of an image

# cloudlets find sample.cloudlet --only templates volatile

List only template and volatile files in an image

# cloudlets manifest sample.cloudlet

Display an image's manifest

# cloudlets tar sample.cloudlet --config '{"args": {"hostname": "host1"}, "dns": {"nameservers": [""]}, "ip": {"interfaces": []}}' | tar tv

Generate a tar archive from an image, configuring it on the fly with the given JSON configuration. The tarball can be piped into vm2vm [1] to generate an EC2 image, for example.


# touch sample.cloudlet/etc/foo # cloudlets hg sample.cloudlet add # cloudlets hg sample.cloudlet commit -u "Solomon Hykes <>" -m "Added configuration file foo"

Make a change to an image, then commit it using Mercurial.

Coming soon:

  • Distributed versioning (fork and improve other people's images!)
  • Multi-image stacks
  • Automated tests (Cucumber tests for your stack!)
  • VM generator

And much more.