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This section of the wiki covers design documents past and present for the library. A lot of time design for simple features/fixes takes place on the mailing list and via our Issue Tracker so only major features get covered here. In particular from 0.5.0 onwards we have heavily relied upon the issue tracker to monitor design tasks.

Future Designs

Design DocumentDescription
dotNetRDF 2.0Details the planned simplification and refactoring of dotNetRDF for 2.0
MedusaDetails a planned new streaming query engine for dotNetRDF
SPINDetails a planned .Net implementation of SPIN

Past Designs

Adopted Past Designs

Design DocumentDescription
dotNetRDF 0.4.1Designs for 0.4.1 which resulted in the Handlers API abstraction.
dotNetRDF 0.4.2Designs for 0.4.2 which resulted in some internal improvements to the SPARQL engine
dotNetRDF 0.5.0Designs for 0.5.0 which included expanded the utility of the Handlers API and some .Net serialization support

Obsolete/Discarded Past Designs

Design DocumentDescription
dotNetRDF 0.4.3Designs for 0.4.3 which included a SQL backend which we later discontinued due to performance limitations