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SPARQL Extensions

This page provides an overview and links to further resources about SPARQL extensions supported in dotNetRDF.

Full Text Query

Full Text Query is an extension which allows full text search of RDF data to be integrated into SPARQL queries, please see the Full Text Querying with SPARQL page for more information on this.

LET Assignment

LET is a extension that predates the SPARQL 1.1 BIND clause, it performs assignment like BIND but has slightly different semantics in that if you use LET to assign to an existing variable it acts like a SAMETERM() based FILTER rather than being a syntax error.

Generally it is preferred that you use BIND wherever possible since this is standard SPARQL and will be portable across different SPARQL implementations.

Note: We intend to remove LET at some point in the future now it is superseded by standard SPARQL 1.1

Function Libraries

We support a wide variety of extension functions and aggregates, see Function Libraries for available libraries.