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Storage Providers

This area of the User Guide covers the available IStorageProvider and IAsyncStorageProvider implementations. Each provider has its own wiki page which details provider specific behaviour and any special functionality available for that provider.

You should read the Triple Store Integration page for an overview of how to use the Storage API.

The available providers are as follows:

Allegro GraphAllegroGraph 3.x and 4.x
Dataset FilesRead-only view over a NQuads/TriG/TriX file
FusekiApache Jena Fuseki, access any Jena based store via Fuseki
In-MemoryIn-Memory store
SesameAny Sesame based store is supported e.g. Sesame, OWLIM, BigData
SPARQL Query EndpointsAny SPARQL Query endpoint
SPARQL Query and Update EndpointsAny store providing both a query and update endpoint
SPARQL Graph Store ProtocolAny SPARQL Graph Store Protocol endpoint
VirtuosoVirtuoso Universal Server

There are also some useful wrappers available:

ReadOnlyConnectorMake any other provider read-only
QueryableReadOnlyConnectorMake any queryable provider read-only