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rdfConvert is a command line utility for converting RDF between different formats.


You can download this tool as part of our Toolkit


Command usage is as follows:

rdfConvert.exe input1 [input2 [input3 [...]]] (-out:filename.ext | -outformat:mime/type) [options]

e.g. Convert a RDF/XML file to Turtle

rdfConvert.exe input.rdf -out:output.ttl

e.g. Convert multiple files into HTML

rdfConvert.exe input1.rdf input2.ttl input3.n3 -format:text/html

e.g. Convert a RDF/XML file into N3

rdfConvert.exe input.rdf -ext:n3

You can use URIs as input just by stating URIs (anything with a : in it will be assumed to be a URI) e.g.

rdfConvert.exe -out:something.rdf


rdfConvert may be used to convert between Dataset (NQuads, TriG and TriX) formats as well as Graph formats

Supported Options

-bestCauses the utility to attempt the best conversion it can (i.e. most compressed syntax) taking into account other options like compression level. May cause conversions to be slower and require more memory
c[:integer]Sets the Compression Level used by compressing writers, if specified without an integer parameter then defaults to default compression. Specify -best to ensure the setting is respected
-debugPrints more detailed error messages if errors occur
-ext:extOverrides the default file extension which will be automatically determined based on the -out/-format option. Must occur after the -out/-format option or it may be ignored
-format:formatSpecifies an output format in terms of a MIME Type or a file extension, if the MIME type/file extension does not correspond to a supported RDF Graph/Dataset format then the utility aborts.
-helpPrints a usage summary if it is the only argument, otherwise ignored
-hs[:boolean]Enables/Disables High Speed write mode, if specified without a boolean parameter then defaults to enabled
-nobomSpecifies that no BOM should be used for UTF-8 Output
-nocacheSpecifies that caching of input URIs is disabled i.e. forces the RDF to be retrieved directly from the URI bypassing any locally cached copy
-out:filename.ext or -output:filename.extSpecifies a specific file to output to (assuming only 1 input), if more than one input is specified then this parameter sets the base filename for outputs (extension ignored in this case)
-overwriteSpecifies that the utility can overwrite existing files
-pp[:boolean]Enables/Disables Pretty Printing, if specified without a boolean parameter then defaults to enabled
-rapperRuns rdfConvert in rapper compatibility mode, type rdfConvert.exe -rapper -h for further information. Must be the first argument or ignored
-warningsShows Warning Messages output by Parsers and Serializers