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rdfEditor is a GUI tool designed as a Notepad replacement for editing RDF and SPARQL. It provides syntax highlighting, validation and auto-completion and all major RDF and SPARQL syntaxes are supported (though auto-completion is only available for some syntaxes).

Note: This tool is Windows only


You can download this tool as part of our Toolkit


rdfEditor is a notepad style GUI tool and as such should be relatively self explanatory. Some useful features that may not be immediately obvious are highlighted here.

Customisable Apperance

You can customise practically every aspect of the display of RDF, you can access the following dialogue by going to Options > Customise Appearance Settings

rdfEditor - Customize Appearance

For information on advanced customisation see Advanced Settings

Converting between Formats

You can convert from one RDF format to another like so:

  1. Switch to the tab containing the document you want to convert from. This must be a valid RDF document as reported by the editor.
  2. Go to File > Save With... and select one of the supported formats
  3. A new tab will be opened with the document converted to the destination format

If you want to customize the conversion you can do so by first checking File > Save With... > Prompt for Advanced Writer Options?. With this option enabled rdfEditor will bring up a dialogue when you request a conversion allowing you to configure options as desired.


Turtle Syntax

rdfEditor - Turtle Syntax


rdfEditor - SPARQL Syntax

RDF/XML Syntax

rdfEditor - RDF/XML Syntax

Structure View

Structure view shows the actual triples/quads/SPARQL results found in a document being edited

rdfEditor - Structure View


You can see it in action in the following Demo Screencast - apologies for the somewhat low quality audio and video.

Note: This reflects the original release of rdfEditor, newer versions have many additional features and improvements such as multi-document editing.