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rdfEditor Advanced Settings

As seen in the main page for rdfEditor you have significant control over the display of RDF in the editor:

rdfEditor - Appearance Settings

But sometimes this may not be enough since you may want more detailed control over syntax highlighting. To do this follow this guide:

Step 1 - Edit Configuration File

Locate the Directory where rdfEditor and the rest of the Tools are installed. You should see a file named rdfEditor.exe.config, open it and look for the following section:

            <setting name="UseCustomisedXshdFiles" serializeAs="String">

Change the value False to be True and save the File

Step 2 - Edit Highlighting Definitions

Under the directory where you found the Configuration file should be a subdirectory called Syntax/ in which you will find a number of files with a .xshd extension. These are the highlighting definitions used by the AvalonEdit component which powers the editor, to learn how to edit them we recommend looking at this CodeProject article.

Warning: If you edit a file such that it is invalid that highlighting will stop working in the editor. You can set the setting back to False to cause the editor to use the in-built default copies of the syntax highlighting definitions.