1 - About

The losix module is a simple, low-level binding of the POSIX API for Lua.

The name LOSIX stands for Lua Operating System Inteface. It is a derivative of POSIX, which itselfs stands for Portable Operating System Interface.


All support is done through the Lua mailing list.

Feel free to ask for further developments. I can't guarantee that I'll develop everything you ask, but I want my code to be as useful as possible, so I'll do my best to help you. You can also send me request or bug reports (for code and documentation) directly at jerome.vuarand@gmail.com.


This module is written and maintained by Jérôme Vuarand.

It is available under a MIT-style license.

2 - Installation

Losix sources are available in its Mercurial repository:

hg clone http://hg.piratery.net/losix/

Tarballs of the latest code can be downloaded directly from there: as gz, bz2 or zip.

Finally, I published some rockspecs:

luarocks install losix

3 - Manual

This module is still a work in progress. As such no documentation is maintained. Look at the source for more information.

To use it:

local losix = require 'losix'