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Normal flow to generate the database:

1) ./admin gen-movies imdb
	crawls the web (or the cache) to list movies from imdb
		data/known-imdb-movies.lua -- a set of known imdb movie ids
		data/movies-raw-imdb-basic.lua -- a map of imdb ids to the data of
			each movie that was available on the index page
2) ./admin collect-movie-data -i all
	collects data from the imdb website
		data/movies-raw-imdb.lua -- an array of the data of each known imdb movie
3) ./admin merge-movie-data imdb
	merge movie data from different websites and between the basic and normal sets
4) ./admin couchdb-import-movies
	import the movies data into the couchdb database
5) ./admin couchdb-create-design
	create the design documents in the couchdb database
	populate the views
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