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Patrick Double repo owner created an issue

At most one ECR is supported for getting credentials. gradle-docker-plugin supports any number of registries and the plugin should also support this.

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  1. Christian Plätzinger

    Any news on this? I have a failing build and I guess it’s related to this issue. The situation is as follows:

    • We have two ECR repositories. One for releases and one for snapshots.
    • We have builds that use a Docker image from release repository as base image and push their own image into the snapshot repository. This occurs for branch and PR builds. The builds fail when trying to pull the base image from the release repository.
    • The same build works on master. The difference is that on master the resulting image will be pushed into the release repository and thus only a single ECR repository is involved.

    I’m willing to support or at least test any beta version. Thanks 🙂

  2. Jonathan Nuñez Aguin

    What would be involved on implementing this? I am facing this problem when I try to pull from one repository and then push the image into another repo.

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